Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

Our Post Construction Cleaning services increase the value of your company by enhancing the safety of employees and maintaining a clean and professional job-site.  We provide the highest quality of service for our clients and understand time is of the essence on a construction job-site. Our team will meet scheduling deadlines. We are reliable, hardworking and determined to get the job done seamlessly.

We understand that a construction clean is very different than a janitorial or residential clean.  Our clients have their own unique needs and the construction job-site commands a higher level of respect and safety precautions.  We maintain a strict company policy to enforce safety.  The company’s safety program ensures all employees are trained.

Home Builders

Home builders understand what services they need and when they need them. Each builder is different and may want a rough clean at one stage, a final clean upon completion, or rough and final clean on the same day. No matter what your needs may be – we are experts at post-construction cleaning and will have a team there on the day you request to take care of the cleaning process to your satisfaction.

Construction and Remodeling Contractors

 Remodeling is messy and you’ve worked very hard doing your part of the job. Once the job is done, Mr Clean will work with you or the home owner to schedule the best day to tackle all of that remaining dust. Our cleaning teams will provide several rounds of dry and wet dusting to eliminate as much of the dust as possible in one day. We can clean one room or the entire house, depending on your agreement with the customer.

Home Owners

Just finished a DIY remodeling project? Or hired a contractor that doesn’t provide clean up as part of the construction agreement? We’re here to help! Our experienced post-construction cleaning teams will arrive on time to reduce that construction dust as much as possible. We won’t just dust one time! We provide a thorough dusting (wet and dry) several times to reduce as much dust as possible. Our cleaning staff are masters of dust removal!