Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Providing a healthy environment for your Customers ...

We are fully equipped to manage janitorial services for offices, commercial and public areas, retail business, schools and other institutions. Let us take care of your carpeting, fabrics, furniture, upholstery and floors. We keep your public areas continuously clean and tidy and, most important of all, hygenic.

… and your employees

We all know that germs happily reside in unclean areas. Can you afford to have your staff members become ill through infections? Do you ever consider that every employee spends about one-third of their life at your premises? Don’t you believe that their work-place should be as clean as your own home? Oh, don’t forget that you work there as well. Our janitorial services ensure that your offices and work-place are always kept clean on a regular basis thus ensuring a healthy environment and a healthy team of employees.

What we do for you

Our professionally trained team members will clean your Offices as required.

Stop worrying about your image, don’t feel embarassed when you search for a file and end up with filthy hands – in front of your Customers. We can enhance your Company’s image by giving your office the ‘shine’ it needs!


Dust and Damp wipe-clean furniture. Vacuum carpets, wash floors, empty and clean ashtrays and waste litter bins.


Clean, disinfect & deodorise toilets and showers, toilet sinks, counters, wall and floor tiles, polish chrome fittings and mirrors and change towels.


Wash floors, clean kitchen sinks and damp wipe cabinet doors, clean outside of appliances.

Common Areas

Vacuum or wash floors, dust furniture and electrical fittings.